Gill Cockwell (trading as Gilly Woo) began her sewing career at the tender age of six and was sketching designs and fashioning garments by the time she was ten.

Since 2000 Gill has been building a brand that has become synonymous with quality, individuality and style.

Gill is now a master craftswoman, making unique bridal gowns, cocktail dresses, corsets and occasion wear.

She particularly concentrates on silhouette and form and her made to measure corsetry-based designs are exquisitely cut to smooth and shape the wearer's natural contours. Her aim is to celebrate and accentuate feminine curves and make the wearer feel sculpted and sexy.

As part of her evolving portfolio, Gill has become an experienced stylist, working regularly with commercial photographers and respected hair salons, on magazine photo shoots and catwalk shows.

Gill is currently featuring in the flagship BBC series "Turn Back Time - The High Street"